How to Purchase & Delivery.
We supply goods at home, to the delivery points and post offices throughout Europe. More detailed information on delivery costs is provided below.

How to place an order?


We deliver goods using our courier services or partner logistics services.


Home delivery
To the house door

Only to the stairwell

In areas with special entry permits, goods of large size and weight that can be transported only by car, the courier delivers only to the border of this area. It is advisable to contact us in advance about the delivery of such goods.

Shipping costs

Weight 0-10kg 11 kg 12 kg 13 kg 14 kg 15 kg 16+ kg
Price € 6.99 € 8 € 9.45 € 11 € 12 € 13 € 20+

For orders of a weight not exceeding, the delivery price is €6.99
The delivery price may vary depending on the dimensions of the products. Our representative will inform you of the exact delivery costs in the order processing process.

Boarding/unloading service

1. If the total weight of the consignment is up to 30 kg, the courier will unload it and bring it into the first safe place in the room (through the door of an apartment, house or garage, but not carrying a consignment through the rooms or courtyard). In such a case, additional handling services do not need to be ordered.
JIf the ordered item is large, and if the goods are placed on a pallet, regardless of their weight up to 30 kg, the goods shall not be carried away!
2. If one of the packages of the consignment weighs more than 30 kg (e.g. large household appliances, furniture, etc.), the courier will only help you to unload the consignment from the car, but will not help to carry it to the desired location.
3. In the case of a consignment weighing between 30 and 80 kg, we recommend that the landing service be ordered for 19,99 Eur. The landing service is carried out by two couriers. You can apply for this service by calling your phone: +371 61112470 , or writing to e-mail:
The delivery and unloading of such consignments shall be carried out only by means of freight to the address specified by you. You must guarantee the conditions for the truck to be able to drive up to the desired landing location, otherwise the cargo will not be delivered. Delivery only on working days and only until 16:00 After 16:00 This service is not provided. When ordering this service, it is not possible to select the desired delivery time interval.